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VerticalSet is a extensible search engine that provides high quality search results from variety ... More

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Published 26 Mar 2012

Okay, hands up if you know what a vertical search engine is as opposed to a regular search engine like Google or Bing. VerticalSet is a next generation extensible search engine for users and developers with all the tools (and there are a lot of them, I assure you) to carry out high quality and very specific web searches. Think of it as the Ford Mustang of search engines with an array of tools under the hood to satisfy all of your search needs. Everything is laid out beautifully like a well organized toolbox and you can pick and choose your tools and install them as you go.
VerticalSet is a extensible search platform/engine that provides high quality search results from a variety of sources on the web. Using different search extensions you can tailor your search experience to suit your needs. Extensions like Wikipedia Search and StackOverflow search give you the best results for your specific type of queries. Under the hood it is a platform that lets any developer take control of the search experience, you just need to know JavaScript for that. For developers and content providers,  it is a way to change the search experience to the way they wish and in turn users get a better search experience which is tailored for their specific needs. So, how does VerticalSet benefit you? Well, it is not a search engine in the traditional sense as it doesn't process your query on its server but routes your query to the appropriate services on the internet. It lets you take control of what happens with your query and what gets displayed. Some tools are automatically installed as they will always be useful while other more fringe tools are there for you to install at your choice.
So, in answer to my question from earlier, a vertical search engine is one that targets a very specific line of searches. You know what it's like when you search in regular search engines? You tend to be presented with almost an overview of your search topic whereas VerticalSet allows you to be way more specific by choosing and installing one of the many search tools supplied. It could be Twitter Search, Image Search or GoogleNews - you can choose which one to go with for the best results. It basically gets rid of the bland search result. It's fast, it's very private and its free.

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