Developer description

Investment marketplace platform that brings together retail investors, market experts and brokers/exchanges to foster an ecosystem that will build wealth for a whole generation, in a transparent way.

Our vision:

We envision a world where everyone has access to investment opportunities, can build wealth and reach financial independence while making the most of their lives.

Our mission:

Become the main income-generating platform and
practice hub for investors and traders around the world by leveraging advanced technology to automate investments.

Our product:

Anyone, no matter their background, can connect their accounts from multiple Brokers/Exchanges, track their portfolio in a unified dashboard and automate investments in only a few minutes without prior knowledge.

Our product helps investors make informed decisions and stay on top of financial markets by using practical knowledge and portfolios built by the savvy veteran market experts and by the community.

The social component helps validating returns with peers and use market proven approaches while curating the supply of strategy/portfolio creators.

Current stage:

We are in Private Beta, creating tools for traders to build smart trading strategies.

Last updated 29 Nov 2021

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