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Published 27 Oct 2011

As practice management systems go this one seems to have all the functions any veterinary establishment would need to run an efficient business. Regardless of practice size or any particular specialism VetBlue will help keep things tight either in the surgery itself or from the middle of a muddy field. Appointment scheduling is easy with a system allowing individual vet’s calendars to be integrated practice-wide letting everyone know who’s doing what and when. Similarly medical records can be updated and shared complete with important attachments like x-rays or prior reports written by a referring vet.

A good amount of record keeping time can be saved by using the template function. With this it’s possible to set up templates for common procedures or bundle together several procedures that are usually carried out together. A veterinary business is a business like any other even though the smell of money isn’t the usual magnet that pulls people to it. Having said that, visits and treatments need to be invoiced and more importantly paid for and VetBlue will produce professional looking estimates and invoices that can be printed or emailed and also keep a record of paid and due ones.

Available on mobile devices it’s also easy to email an invoice to a client immediately at their premises as soon as the visit or treatment is finished. The reporting function is comprehensive and will enable users to see how the business is performing across all aspects. These reports can be customized, exported to Excel...