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Introducing Vibe - The Quickest way to research people

(Bringing the ‘Everywhere’ to Rapportive)

Profoundis (A startup Chile participant and a Microsoft Accelerator alumnus) is launching Vibe - A smart sales tool to do quick research on people from anywhere on the web. It is quite simply the magic window to meaningful and context rich interactions on the web, making it a perfect accessory for the marketing and sales folks.

Vibe is currently available as a plugin for Chrome and also as a standalone application for Mac. This application displays all necessary information about a person with a simple hover on the name or email. From an email address, Vibe will find all the first level details like name, designation, work history and social media handles. As a next level offering, Vibe will analyse the public activity of the person to give influencer scores and even the person’s general topics of interest. While the browser plugin restricts the search to the web, the Mac plugin makes the search across the desktop and browser.

“While all existing sales tools focus on managing processes, Vibe was built to focus on the subtler and the more important human aspect of understanding people”, explains Arjun Pillai, one of the Founders of Vibe.

Although similar in concept, Vibe is much more powerful than Rapportive, a Gmail plugin that shows information about user contacts right inside the inbox. While Rapportive is restricted to Gmail, Vibe works everywhere - be it Yahoo mail, a random site one is browsing or a Google spreadsheet with just a list of Email ids. This quick reference adds the necessary level of context to work and interaction everywhere.

Even when the product wasn’t poised for a launch, a news posting by an enthusiastic initial user in a review forum resulted in more than 1000 signups within a day of that posting. “The overwhelming response and those appreciative notes we received through our support channels help us understand the need for such a product in the market”, says Arjun Pillai.

Vibe has handy features like connecting with people via Linkedin and adding contacts to the address book right from the application window. Vibe makes it extremely easy for its users to widen their professional network or enrich their address book with relevant information in just a single click wherever they are on the web or desktop. The team is geared to scale the offering with lot more interesting integrations and platforms for delivery in the near future.

Try Vibe now at

Vibe is the flagship product from Profoundis, a 6 member team from India. For more details about the company and product, the team can be contacted at [email protected]

Last updated 4 Jun 2014

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