Developer description

Vibz is a new social networking app developed by three Ugandan youths to get people connected without losing the sync of. Vibz is designed for anyone out there who wants to connect with the people that matter in his/her life and even wants to meet new people with similar interests and activities. with Vibz anyone can connect with their preferred friends, a lot other
people worldwide and get to know exactly what they are doing.Vibz is a social networking platform set to change social networking as we know it with the integration of just the right features to give the user a complete and very rich social experience. It is purely built on the basis of primarily networking with those people who hold meaning in your lives; those people in your phone book; your whatsapp contacts. It is not an I.M like Wechat or whatsapp but a platform which is much broader than that. It allows a user to stay in contact, up to the second, up to the event, and practically have a front seat in the daily lives of the people you need and love and frequently connect with. I bet you are wondering how does it do this?! Simple; Vibz is launching soon and you will get to tell the story yourself, but one of the features Vibz has is that, It uses your current status update and interests to connect different people in various locations all around the world and help them interact better.
A lot of people don't to do exactly what they feel like doing just because they lack companions but not any more because with Vibz you get to know the different people in your current location who feel like doing and just like that, you are good to go.
Vibz app has special new feature it has brought on to social media scene that will are to give all its users a whole new networking experience that you won't say "hey, it's been long" or even login to your account and wonder what to do next

Last updated 6 Aug 2015