Developer description

VidCruiter replaces repetitive tasks that take recruiters hours to perform but yet bring no significant benefit to the organization. These recruiting tasks can now be accomplished in one fifth the time it would take with the traditional recruiting process.

The first recruiting process we decided to improve was how applicants got filtered and screened. The team at VidCruiter build a tool called VidTracking. This tool simplified screening, filtering and ranking and even in some cases replacing phone interviews. Our clients loved this and ask us for even more help in saving time in the recruiting process.

Our team then decide to build the next component of our recruiting software technology: Video Recruiting Software called VidInterviewing. This internet interview tool allows companies to replace phone interviews and also in some cases replaces the first in person interview. This tool is also widely used for remote hiring situations.

The third tool we built was a tool that would help with the reference checking process. Online reference checking needed to be easy and simple. We accomplished this goal as well for our clients.

These tools and a few others can now all be combined to create our newest offering. VidHiring: The Complete Recruiting Solution.

We have been continuing to innovate in all dimensions of recruiting and we can proudly say that we are the first company to build an Applicant Recruiting Software, or also called Applicant Hiring Software. This is the next evolution of the Applicant Tracking Software market that you may have seen in the past.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015