Developer description

With Video Invite, users can quickly create and send personalized video invitations in under 5 mins for any event. Simply download the app, enter event information, create a video, and send to all your guests through the app via text message. Guests can RSVP through the app and even send a video response back to the host.

Our app is currently only available on the App Store but android users can still receive invitations. Coming to android soon!

Our app is different from other invitation apps/websites simply because it is a video created by the host versus an electronic paper invitation. Videos are forever and the guests are able to save the video invitation for viewing in the future. There is also access to google maps on the app which can help guests find the correct venue without worrying about inputting the wrong address! Plus our app is free! Download today and follow on all social media platforms @VideoInvite .

Last updated 12 Mar 2020

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