Developer description

People shoot more and more videos and photos everyday, but who has time to do anything with them? Why document your life if it just ends up sitting on your phone?

VideoSlam makes real, fast-paced movies of your life without any effort on your part. With one tap, the app grabs days, weeks or months of photos and videos from your camera roll and cuts them into a fast-paced movie as you lived it, in chronological order. If you push the speed to the maximum, it’s like watching your life flashback before you.

It’s great for travel, behind the scenes, quick impressions of events, family, video journalling, photo slideshows and more.

How does it work?

Tap once to select ‘Last Hour,’ ‘Last Day,’ ‘Last Week’ etc, and all your videos and / or photos from that period will be instantly compiled into a fast-paced movie. Ready to share.

Tap again if you want to select a Theme which will automatically add titles based on time, date, location. Swipe to control the pace of the movie.

VideoSlams are super quick to make and exciting to watch.

Last updated 6 Mar 2016

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