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VidPal allows the average person with a mobile phone or video camera to view and film different ... More

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Published 31 Jul 2015

Anyone who is a regular reader of FeedMyApp reviews will know just how much we love a new and innovative travel app. To be quite honest, we feel a little starved of great ones of late. Despite the plethora of travel related apps that exploded onto our lives in the early days of app development, there haven't been that many recently that have managed to stir the interest of this would be traveler. However, here's one that could be very interesting to the more adventurous amongst us. VidPal offers a new concept in discovering new places by asking fellow travelers or locals to post real time videos of requested locations. This iPhone social travel application enables tourists to actually see what is happening in a specific location right at this minute to decide if it's a place that they really want to visit.

VidPal is a travel guide aid that allows the average person with a mobile phone or a video camera to view and film different destinations around the world in real time. The plan for the app was to come up with an IPhone application that would sit alongside the travel website in order to give potential visitors the best up-to-date information on places around the world. This will give vacationers all the information and visuals that they when checking out new destinations that they might wish to travel to. In Vidpal's real-time global video marketplace, individuals can find or request a video of...