Developer description

VidWars is a groundbreaking app that hosts "video vs video with a winner/loser result based on number of likes" for the first time ever! No app has sparked such directly competitive video-making and made it as a tool of game play.

A user makes a creative short video up to 20 seconds long and then can send it directly at other users as a challenge to make a better one (videos are set in categories such as Pranks, Hidden Camera, Best Kiss, Good Samaratin etc). If the video is challenged with a response video, the app displays this as a competition. One video vs the other, for all app users to like one or the other.

Users can ask all on their friend list for their votes by simply clicking a "Ask For Alliances" button. After 24 hours, the winner and loser are notified of the result. A leader board of users with the most likes and most wins is shown. Country flags are displayed beside each category to show who is dominating each area. Challenge any video-maker from around the world!

VidWars is literally a one in a million app on both major app stores. Download today for FREE on iTunes and Google Play!

Last updated 1 Feb 2016

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