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Join millions of creatives worldwide and collaborate by sharing your best photos.

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Published 6 Sep 2019

A good photo has the ability to draw an amazing amount of emotional response from many people. We might not be able to put our fingers on exactly what it is that delivers such a pleasurable reaction but there's little doubt it's there - front and center. Years back, we could cite the quality of the equipment that we used to get that eye-popping shot. However, the quality of cameras these days is astonishing whether you are using a stand-alone camera or the camera on your smartphone. So, one has to assume that it's more about skill, technique and great composition than about superior equipment. And those are all things that can be learned and improved upon. 

To me, the best way of improving one's photographic skills is to share photos, get expert feedback and to be inspired by other photographers. ViewBug is a great place to do all that. Here is a community where you can join millions of photographers - of all different skill levels and from the four corners of the world - in collaborating and sharing your best photos. It doesn't matter whether you are taking portraits of your favorite people, sharing your travel adventures, documenting your lifestyle or composing pictures of the most beautiful landscapes, ViewBug is a new free photographic app for iOS and Android that has everything that you are looking for. 

It's a place where you can follow and be inspired by your favorite photographers, enter some...