Developer description service enables viewing of multiple web pages simultaneously in one browser window.
It also provides a single short URL for multiple websites that can be shared with friends. The friends not only get a single URL representing multiple websites, but they can also view all the pages simultaneously in one browser window. Pages can be viewed in one of four modes: vertical, two column, slide show, or horizontal. Users can save or bookmark multiple web pages (called groupmarks) in their online account. They can also create, edit, delete, share and view groupmarks.
Users can create either private or shareable groupmarks. Each groupmark when rendered in one of the four views provides full control to the user in terms of adjusting page size (height or width), as well as an address bar for surfing to other pages.
Four different views provide a rich user interface for viewing multiple web pages at once. For example, two column view can be used to do comparison shopping of different items (laptops, cars, houses, schools etc). A slide show view enables playing of multiple web pages in a programmable fashion. A user can adjust the time interval for each page, step through multiple pages manually or play all pages in an auto mode. This view is great for presentations, and for playing audio/video content. This is also our fastest loading view. Vertical and horizontal views are great for sequential viewing of websites.
All Viewista services put together create an environment for a friendly, efficient, and productive web viewing!

Last updated 9 Jul 2010