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Published 15 Oct 2019

[cont'd] also get all the up to the minute updates as well as all the latest scores, winners and, most importantly, the best betting tips.

The app lets you compete against your friends as well as letting you bet with sports books with the best odds and best lines in your state whilst tracking your risk and success rate at any time and from anywhere. What's more, you can do everything from your very own iPhone. Track your success and manage your risk to climb the leader boards and improve your knowledge and skill while following your friends' picks. You can also enter the free-to-play 'pick'em' leagues which offer cash prizes every week. That alone should guarantee bringing you and your friends back for more. 

Vig It is a very simple and easy to use sporting app. No more arguing with friends about that friendly bet you made about Brady and the Packers. Everything is recorded in the app so there'll be no doubting who owes what to who. You can also get involved in the witty banter between friends and foes on friends' feeds. The layout is clear and simple with navigation a breeze. 

Vig It's social network covering all things sporting has been compared favorably with ESPN's Action Network app as one of the great sports apps. It lets you play 'one-on-one' with friends on all your favorite sports, helps you find the best betting odds, lets you share breaking...