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Safe social network for kids - proper parental control

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Vikido gives kids the freedom of expression to connect and post text, pictures and videos about ... More

Editor's review

Published 30 Dec 2011

Letting your kids loose on the internet must be a worry for any parent. With a range of social networks to choose from it’s not always easy to know just who’s hooking up as a friend and looking at photographs. On the other hand of course you don’t want to deprive youngsters of the pleasure of sharing special moments and at the same time honing some useful computer skills. Doing all of this in the knowledge that the environment is safe and secure is obviously the answer to all of those concerns and Vikido looks like a great place to start your children’s journey into the world of social networks.

The key to this one is control and at all times it’s the parents who have the final say as to who sees and hears anything. In this respect it’s a great way to get children to post videos, photographs and audio messages and let uncle’s, auntie’s and grandparents keep up to date with the goings-on of family members. If there are fairly long distances between different parts of the family then its attraction is even greater. Parents can choose to widen the audience and share posts on Facebook but again with complete control.

According to the site the ease of use is comfortably within the grasp of a 4 year old (and even a grandmother) and so it should provide a great platform for all of the family to get involved and share great moments, comment on them and give feedback.

There is also a feature allowing access to popular kid’s sites where games and videos can be viewed and new apps discovered. As you would expect from Vikido however, Mom and Dad are in control of this aspect too.


This one represents a good social networking site for families giving parents that necessary control over just who can see content involving their children. A great relief but also a good way of giving them some useful skills for the future.


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