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Vimessa allows you to send free video messages to anyone in the world, even if they don't have a ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2011

While text messages are simple and easy to send, sometimes it would definitely be more advantageous to be able to send a more personal video version of a message to your friends or customers. Vimessa allows you to send free video messages to your friends anywhere in the world, even if they do not have an iPhone. Vimessa is a free video voicemail app for the iPhone that allows consumers to send high-definition video messages to any mobile phone number or email address. And, unlike other video messaging services like FaceTime, iMessage and MMS the app works on all mobile devices and desktops, including feature phones, smartphones and tablets. You'd think you would have to have Vimessa installed or at least own an iPhone to receive them but, with the aid of a simple link, these free high res messages can be accessed easily and without any drama. Sending a video message with Vimessa is as easy and fast as sending a text message though, with the aid of video, far more emotionally powerful. Whether you are sharing the thoughts or visuals of the day with a loved one far away or demonstrating a new product to a customer Vimessa turns a two dimensional message into a three dimensional experience and will one day be the only way we send messages. With a charged up cell phone or a WiFi connection you can send a video message from anywhere you can text from. Vimessa also shows which users have Vimessa installed and stores videos securely in the cloud and synchronizes them with users’ mobile devices. Vimessa is faster to send, receive and view messages through the installed app on your iPhone it's likely you'll see iPad, Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon. While companies like MMS and FaceTime have let you send video messages for some time none of them quite match Vimessa's for customer satisfaction. The big difference being that the receiver doesnt have to have the app installed to receive their video message. And if you think Skype is the answer you should probably talk to some of the heavier users about the difficulty in reaching some overseas recipients. While Vimessa is free to install you can upgrade so that your messages last forever for a very cost effective US$19 per year. Thus, Vimessa’s ability to send a video message to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have the app installed, solves a major mobile communication headache and gives the app a big leg-up on MMS. It’s also a nice bonus that there is no limit to the amount of video messages one can send through the app. Though it’s important to point out that video messages will “self destruct” after two months; however, users can choose to store their videos “forever” for an affordable $19 per year. While there are a number of things that Vimessa can improve on - it would be great to have a social networking element to proceedings, for example - it offers something that no one else does. I have seen the future of video messaging and it's name is Vimessa.

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