Developer description

Viomba is a crowdsourced eye-tracking service that provides web analytics data at a low cost. We extend the traditional analytic model by providing you with data on where your users look, using real testers with real eye trackers. Viomba is an analytics service that provides accurate and detailed information about website visitors’ attention based on data collected from crowd sourced eye tracking. With this service our customers can optimize their website to meet their business goals.
Our service provides customers with information about where their visitors look while browsing their website. The benefit of this information is that customers can easily identify areas of their website that they should target for optimization in order to achieve their business goals (eg. increase sales, improve ad visibility or bring more visitors). Viomba eye tracking service allows website owners to optimize the webpage layout to get the highest attention from their website visitors for the items prioritized and also increase the satisfaction of their website visitors by making the website easy to use and understandable.
Anyone who has media content (eg. websites, illustrations, text, etc) and wants to know where their visitors look while viewing their content. Whatever ideas you have, whatever design variations you can think of Just upload them, set a task, and see which one works best. You can get a lot of data even from 5 visitors whereas traditionally you need thousands of visitors to get the same data. You will get to know where your visitors look, before they move the mouse, for example in the first 10 seconds when they make the decision to stay or leave the website.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015