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Editor's review

Published 14 Oct 2012

Developers' IT-Effects might not realize it but they might well have produced an app here that will be of great benefit to small children and the disabled. V.I.P. is a photo application that works on the voice control concept and delivers an interactive slide show of pictures from the net. And with mobile iDevices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the very user friendly IPad the norm these days, V.I.P. proves itself to be a perfect way for the very young or the physically disadvantaged to have control of their slideshows. On the other hand, if the rest of us are just feeling lazy and can't be bothered with fiddling with the keyboard, V.I.P. shows us our images with merely a word or so.
Contrary to most other people around us, V.I.P. likes to listen to you and find out what you really want. And whats more, it doesn't just listen. It's a photo app that searches and displays for photos that you really want to see! Just say what you want to see and enjoy the show as V.I.P. prepares a slideshow using popular web resources. Browsing the pictures has never been so easy, as well as being interactive and attractive. V.I.P.  is useful for people who like to contemplate web images in full screen beauty yet can't be bothered with typing in the searches using the keyboard. But where this photo app could find its core audience is in its user-friendliness for children who will love communicating with the app by voice control. There is also the possibility of massive benefitsq for people  with disabilities  who could access their iOS with minimum physical contact.
V.I.P. is an app that you can use at home or in the office because you can leave it running in the background while you do other stuff and activate it by voice control when you need it. You don't have to limit yourself to pictures either, as you can catch up with Twitter news and control everything from sharing with friends to emailing and all using voice control. V.I.P. is an easy app to use and is completely free. It could also eradicate the phrase 'one-hand typing' for ever.

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