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As is often the case in most situations when technology services to offer secure messaging platforms with end-to-end encryption the first thing that comes to mind is, another rip-off?
Well in this case the answer is No!
VIPole has proved its worth in the world of technology by being one of the best recommended apps when it comes to a platform for secure instant messaging with full encryption. Loss of data among users or companies that rely on messaging platforms that offer little or no encryption is commonplace today as the rate of internet crime increases around the world.
VIPole uses strong encryption technology to perfectly safeguard users’ data and privacy. With VIPole you get secure communications and your files are safe from cyber theft. Files such as:
 Instant messages
 Video calls
 Voice calls
 Sent/received files
 Cloud data storage
 Passwords
 Credentials
 Text notes and reminders
 Tasks and events on the calendar
All these are encrypted and passed over secure lines thereby making them unavailable to prying eyes and ears. With VIPole you retain full control over the data exchange and storage processes you or your associates carry out.
Interactions between devices on the VIPole platforms are totally encrypted. And all this gets done in the fastest, barest minimum possible time. When contact is offline or not connected to the server VIPole delays the message and sends offline notification.
VIPole offers different types of account – Free, Pro and Business. Free account is designed for personal use. If you need enhanced security features, you should go Pro. And for work groups and teams VIPole offer a Business account for managing different users’ security settings from one account.
For enterprises VIPole offers a solution that can be installed on the company’s physical servers thereby making all data exchanges between safe and stored within the company with no unwarranted leakage of data to third parties.
To make it easy for their wide range of customers, VIPole offers access to their app on a wide range of platforms ranging from secure and encrypted communication on Android devices to Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later, Linux and Windows platforms thereby making it possible to carry out business related or confidential activities anywhere, anytime without the fear of losing files or suffering data breach. With a 100% privacy communication couldn’t be better or safer.
While this is the best technology for encrypted communication at the moment, the level of technology does not make it any harder to use rather it simplifies its usage. All you need to do is download a VIPole version that is compatible for your device, install and after sing up you can use VIPole secure features as you wish in sending files ranging from ordinary pictures, music, videos and documents to company plans, budgets, passwords and schedules without fear of any hijack of data.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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