Developer description

Virtual Poker Table is not yet another online poker app.

Keep the fun and challenge of face to face poker and enjoy the advantages of a professional dealer anywhere.
No more need for chips and cards or managing deals, blinds and pots. Just play poker using any mobile device and let Virtual Poker Table take care of the rest!
Use a dedicated device (preferably a tablet or TV) as the table/dealer and players can use their phone to connect and play poker together.

No internet required. Use any device to open or join a table: in your living room on the couch, in the plane or in a train, at the beach or in the forest. Playing poker on the go has never been easier!
Play more hands and at a faster pace by not handling cards or chips. No more dealing and counting error (and no cheating) during your Texas Holdem poker sessions.

** Play anywhere, with anyone, anytime
-- No internet connection required, play via bluetooth (Classic/Low Energy) or local WiFi
-- Up to 10 players per table
-- Compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phone, tablet), AndroidTV, ChromeOS

** Multiple poker style
-- Cash Game : define the blinds amounts and let player join or leave the table freely
-- Sit & Go tourney : select your preferred structure of blinds, ante, durations and the table will manage the timers, blind level automaticaly
-- No limit, pot limit or limit Texas Hold'em, choose the type of poker you want to play

** Intuitive gestures
-- Flip the bottom of your cards to reveal them
-- Double tap to check, fling your cards to fold
-- Clear interface and natural gestures provide a deep immersion during your poker sessions

** Save and Load games
-- Take a break from your game anytime and start again where you left
-- Autosave every round, just in case you need it.

** Customization
-- Change the table color as you see fit
-- Adaptive display to handle players around a device or facing a TV
-- Automatic or manual start of the next round

** Additional Tools
-- VPT can be used as a simple blind timer using your preferred saved structures
Pause, restart, change level. Full control over the timer
-- Reminder of Texas Holdem rules and poker hand ranks for beginners or if you have a doubt

Last updated 7 Oct 2019

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