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A great set of free photo edit tools to create GIF's and other cool stuff for your blog

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Published 12 Aug 2013

[cont'd] to easily create beautiful collages using drag and drop design and a QR Barcode Generator where you can create QR barcodes or put a QR barcode on your photo to link it to your website. You can convert your photos to cool looking GIF's using the GIF Page Turn Effect Maker or into animated 3D GIF's with the GIF 3D Cube Maker. There's a Video to GIF Converter where you can convert WMV, MP4 video to animated GIF easily. There are also plenty of other GIF related tools to create collages, add animated effects, make slide shows, create animated text and frames. As you can see, there's a ton of great photo tools her and even a few that do interesting things with your webcam shots. All in all, there's heaps.
Where I see an app coming in most handy is with the lone blogger. It seems that every blog I see these days is festooned with lots of GIF's and cool photo effects and it's a very convenient way of having them all in one place. All the apps you will see here can be found elsewhere but, to my knowledge, Viscomsoft Social Galleries is the only one that has this many. And they are all completely free - just download them straight from the app. There's even one where you can turn your photos into jigsaw puzzles. The best morphed photos get featured on the home page but...