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A web-based helpdesk for multiple companies thats much cheaper than Kayako

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Vision Helpdesk is the only web-based helpdesk software that allows you to manage support for ... More

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Published 30 Nov 2012

Up until now it's been Kayako and Cerberus that have ruled the roost when it comes to the web-based help desk. But gradually, Vision Helpdesk has been eroding on their lead with innovative programs to improve end-user support and, being a significantly cheaper option, Vision is now a very viable alternative. The most significant of their innovations now leaves Vision as the only web-based helpdesk software that allows you to manage support for multiple companies in the one convenient place.
Vision Helpdesk offers the only web-based true satellite helpdesk software on the market that allows you to manage your online support for multiple companies at the same time and all from under a single roof. If offers a single front-end with each company having its own client portal making it a true satellite helpdesk. This all-in-one customer support helpdesk allows you to manage various channels like emails, web forms, Twitter and calls all in one place. The Vision Helpdesk software is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) option and hosted on their own cloud server or as a download that you can install on your server.  The SaaS license means hosting your Vision Helpdesk with no downloading and without having to set up a file or install application on your server. Everything remains on Vision's servers and you pay for that service. The SaaS based license comes with free technical support and software updates.Download license comes with free technical support and software updates for one year with renewal optional.
Prices start at just US$24 per month for the SaaS version or as a one-time US$599 one time downloaded version. Both offer unlimited staff, users and tickets. The Lite Plan is good for managing single company support and can still have unlimited clients. With the Professional, Premium and Ultimate plans you can manage support for up to 5, 10, and unlimited companies respectively.
I think we will see a bit of a trend away from Kayako and towards Vision over the next few months and years. It offers a very similar service but it is a significantly cheaper option which will appeal to many. It has also been deliberately developed as a very user-friendly unit that was designed with the customer in mind. The added bonus of being able to handle more than one company under the same roof is also something that will appeal to many. Set up is fast and with the help of the Vision support desk, it's possible to be up and running inside an hour. Finally, Vision is happy to offer free Vision Helpdesk Owned License to registered charities and open-source projects.

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