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visitor.js is a lightweight website personalization solution based on JavaScript. The script ... More

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Published 23 Oct 2011

Don't you love it when you get a phone call from one of those Indian call centers and the first thing you here is "G'day Mate, my name is Sanjit and I am calling you from Melbourne?"  They know I am in Australia and have taken the big leap forward in trying to personalize their initial message. It doesn't always work but it's a good first line to break the ice. Visitor.js is the online equivalent of G'day Mate. This JavaScript based domain tool allows you to customize your initial introductory message based on information gathered from the customer.
Visitor.js is a lightweight piece of JavaScript for website personalization that provides you with information on your site's visitors enabling you to target them with custom-tailored content.  The script allows access to real-time information on each visitor browsing your website. For example: Where is the visitor located? What site referred them? Are they a returning visitor? When did they last visit the website? Based on these attributes, you can dynamically change parts of your website to make the experience more personal and capture the visitor’s attention. You might welcome returning visitors and refer them to the ‘News and Updates’ or 'Tutorial' sections of your website or provide special discounts for visitors who included "free" in their Google search.  You could display testimonials from clients near the visitor’s geographic location and list product prices in the visitor’s local currency. The...