Developer description

Ever play those word association games on forums? Fire – ice – cream – corn – cob – ler, etc? Visual Root is something like that, except with images, YouTube videos, text, and ideas. It starts when someone starts a new idea-web by posting an image from somewhere on the Internet – other people then come along and respond with related ideas through yet more images, videos, and text, to form different continuing thought trails. These trails can split off in multiple directions, like branches on a tree, and the entire idea-web is visible at once (you scroll and zoom like Google Maps) … and generally ends up looking like the root system of some very odd plant, hence the name.

Anyone can move the images and videos around on an idea-map, though the connections stay the same. You can upvote or downvote individual posts, which make them larger or smaller, respectively. The app is also “multiplayer”, so multiple people can work on the same idea-map at once, chat with each other, see posts as they’re added and moved in real-time, etc.

More generally, Visual Root can be thought of as a tool for collaboratively creating mind-maps (or idea-trees, or thought-maps, whatever) made up of different types of visual media. All maps on the site are perma-linked for easy sharing, and there’s a built in feature to allow you to share snippets from the maps on Facebook.

In the end Visual Root is about having fun, being creative, and thinking freely together with other people. Enjoy!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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