Developer description

✔ Solely by word of mouth, Vita-mind Dr. Sleep shot up to become the No.1 paid app in the Health and Fitness category (iTunes Store Korea) just 10 days after launch! Blessync Media Presents (Vita-mind Dr. Sleep) *Introducing a revolutionary audio product that can help you only get a better, deeper sleep at night, but also be more refreshed and alert for daily activities, boosted by a soothing collection of beautiful ambient tunes.
We’re a group of composers and musicians who have not only worked on healing music and ambient sounds for the purpose of relaxation, we also discovered the power of brainwave entrainment many years ago, and wanted to create something that would be all the more effective in combining the strength of the two in an all-new application to help people fall asleep faster and feel more rested!
*The result is a combination of powerful sleep-inducing entrainment sessions and our own collection of ambient music to bring about a fast brainwave response time and a potentially more effective entrainment experience that can gently bring your mind into a more restful state.
*What’s more, this unique Dr. Sleep package provides a comprehensive group of audio sessions for both day and night usage that provides the best collection of audio stimulation for inducing sleep by night!
(Testimonial) "I've been blown away by the sessions in the Vita-mind series. Not only do I get better sleep at night, I feel better rested in the morning, and can really focus on work during long production sessions.. Plus, I love the music and how it really helps me relax during use. I was honestly skeptical before I tried Vita-mind, but I admit I'm totally amazed by what it does for me now! Justine Ok, Sony AVT music composer The Vita-mind Dr. Sleep package includes 6 Isochronic entrainment tracks (Powered by Transparent Corp.) for daily use, including…
Sleep Help1: Light Theta Sleep Help2: Intensive Sleep Cycle Balancer Daytime Energy Daytime Power Nap Nighttime Healing Delta -10 beautifully soothing music tracks we’ve written just for this series -10 ambient nature tracks - An easy-to-use, single-page interface - Custom alarm feature - Independent session and background volume controls - Pop-up description for use of each session - Seamless looping of entrainment sessions, music, and nature sounds

Last updated 25 Jul 2012