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Vitogo is a fun and simple way to get in the best shape of your life! Just like a personal ... More

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Published 28 Jan 2012

Feedmyapp Promo Code - K63NLYRN3WFN What many people really need to get their body into shape is a personal trainer. Someone to map your goals and coach you through every step of your fitness regime. Someone to track your progress and motivate you to meet those goals and log all the levels you reach. Vitogo is that personal trainer who assesses your fitness levels and tailors a workout program that is right for you and evolves as you evolve. This easy to use health and fitness tracking application for iPhone and iPod touch will help you keep motivated and reach the fitness level you require.
Vitogo is a tailored fitness app  that is a fun and simple way to get in the best shape of your life! Just like a personal trainer, Vitogo assesses your fitness level and goals to give you a tailored strength and conditioning  oriented workout program that evolves with you. Vitogo coaches you through every step of your workout, tracks your progress and keeps you motivated with the support of your friends and other users. Vitogo is easy to use and includes lots of great features. For a start it gives you a weekly overview of your workout program including descriptions, photos and videos for every exercise in your workout. It even delivers a countdown timer to give you your rest periods between exercises. Vitogo tracks and stores exercise data including the number of pounds lifted, repetitions completed and calories burned. In addition to this application...