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Published 28 Jan 2012

[cont'd] you will gain access to your free account which includes even more features and capabilities plus multiple graphs and analytics of all your fitness activity and personal measurements.
We all need help in determining our fitness levels and regimes to keep it in somewhere near peak physical fitness. Vitogo helps you get there by providing sensible advice and guiding you through each step of your workout even to the point where it will tell you when to take a rest and how long for. It's backed up by videos, descriptions and photographs to give you the confidence to keep going and achieve the goals you have set yourself. Vitogo is a beautiful looking, well organized, intelligent and, wait for it, FUN way of keeping track of your exercise program. There are three pillars to maintaining your health. Nutrition, cardio and strength training. While Vitogo doesn't deal with the nutrition side of things they work in conjunction with RunKeeper and Lose It to keep you right on track.
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