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Vivid Collage is a photo composition tool for iPad and iPhone

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Published 5 Jul 2016

Let's just start off by saying that we love photo effect and photo editing apps here at the FeedMyApp offices. While there used to be a veritable plethora of them released on a regular basis just a few years back, they seem to have gone a little quieter of late. This one however looks like a whole lot of fun. Vivid Collage is a set of photo composition tools for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that lets users create collages of photos, text and geometric primitives and then crop, warp, frame and mask them individually before sending them off into the stratosphere to family and friends.

Vivid Apps have been developing apps for iOS for close to ten years now with their most famous being the very successful comic creation app Strip Designer. Now they've come up with this smart little photo-composition app that includes a lot of very cool features to keep you amused for hours. Vivid Collage lets you create beautiful collages that can be manipulated, warped and adjusted to make them the most interesting ones around.

Photos can be cropped, masked, framed and warped individually and, unlike a lot of similar apps, you also have the ability to warp text and primitives - giving your creations a very unique look. The app also lets you layer images for more dramatic effect and lock individual items in place while the 'blend mode' can be set to specific areas to create outstanding compositional effects. Vivid Collage also contains drawing...