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Published 1 Nov 2018

Millennials probably won't remember but it wasn't that long ago that you could just show up on the day and buy a ticket at a venue to catch the best shows, gigs or sporting events in town. Unless it was something very special and in high demand all you had to do was to turn up at the box office, hand over your hard-earned cash and you could walk right in. Now, if you're loaded with cash there are always ways to get a same day ticket but these days, you tend to have to book weeks or sometimes months ahead if you want to get a decent seat at a reasonable price for the top events. Even then, it can hardly be called an easy buy. 


Of course, there are now plenty of ticket resellers out there that want to place themselves in the middle ground between the seller and the buyer but some have proven to be rather unscrupulous in their dealings. While most are totally honest and above board, some have been known to sell dodgy tickets or charge prices that are way over the cover price so you've got to be careful who you are dealing with. So here we introduce a convenient, trustworthy and very comprehensive entertainment app for iOS that hopes to become the goto buying and selling mobile ticket outlet for all the top sport, music and theatrical events in town. 


Vivid Seats is a...