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animate your words with your video

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Animate your words with your video.
Vizlingo translates each word of a message or post with a ... More

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Published 7 Nov 2011

Vizlingo is a fun and funny video design tool that can add a little personalized zip to your messages or posts. It let's you translate your words into a totally original video illustration to amaze and impress your friends. With Vizlingo you can either use one of the thousands of default images or upload your own for that really cool writing and messaging experience.
Vizlingo animates your words with video by translating each word of a message or post with a user-generated video clip adding expression, emotion and personalization to your messaging experience. You can submit your own clips or see what clips your friends use. Then just select a favorites from an ever-growing database of more than 30,000 clips from over 40 countries. Vizlingo aims to change the otherwise black and white world of text with a personalized, video-based alternative that allows for more expressive communications. The iOS and Facebook apps will be available soon!

Vizlingo is a messaging design tool that translates your writing into video and transforms social messaging into an interactive and personalized multimedia experience. Where it gets really fun is when you add your own videos into the mix so you can have your own words visualized by your own images. If you aren't quite that talented or dedicated to your art you can always choose from one of the many stock videos as it's really simple to use even for the most inexperienced of users. If you are...