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Published 14 Oct 2012

We here at FeedMyApp have reviewed some great multimedia note taking applications over the last few months with SoundNote and NoteLedge probably being the best of them. Voice Notes looks as if it will be right up there with them pretty soon as this impressive iOS application records sound, handwriting, typed text and drawn sketches as well as photos from your camera in the one comprehensive note taking app.
Voice Notes is an amazing app where you can take notes by recording sound, handwriting or typing text, drawing sketches or taking camera pictures. You can convert your notes to PDF or image format, store your notes on your iPhone or iPad or share it with others through email or Facebook. You can record voice recordings and pin the recordings at any place on the notes. By combining notes and voice recordings,  VoiceNote easily captures your meetings, lectures or study sessions and is particularly useful when you need to review the discussion about your next project or a conversation that you had with a client.  You can take lecture or meeting notes by typing and easily moving and pasting text at any position and can write notes using your finger or with an iPhone/iPad compatible stylus to write text. The app allows you to pick pictures from the camera roll and paste them into your notes making it very easy for you to capture details during a customer visit or during a class lecture or a workplace meeting. Maybe you are trying to remember what the teacher said about a key point during yesterday's lecture. With the convenience of the iPad or iPhone, you can use Voice Notes anywhere whether it be class lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences or study sessions. You can even use it to record memos to yourself as you think of new ideas! You can share your notes with others or send them to your desktop computer easily and hassle-free through the built-in email capability. Using this feature you can even create hand-written emails with text and colorful pictures and your note will be attached to the email as an image attachment and can be easily viewed by the email reader. The app allows you to impress your family and friends by creating funny pictures and posting hand-written notes directly to your Facebook page and share with friends there. Finally, there is a built-in document manager to store all your notes on your iPhone or iPad. You can create as many notes as you want and store them in the built-in file manager.
What a great little app Voice Note is. Talk about something promising so little and delivering so much. As you may have noticed from all the features just listed, this is one well-thought out app that turns your iPhone, iPad or ipd Touch into a full packed and very user friendly multimedia note taker that is as flexible and versatile as they come. Seeing as we take at least one of our iDevices with us wherever we go this is a massively useful set of tools that you take with you wherever you go.

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