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Published 23 Oct 2012

If you've ever tried to learn another language you will probably know that there is little better than having someone who speaks the language with you to listen and help you along. They will start by repeating your words in their own language for you to repeat parrot-fashion and will even write it down for you to make it easier. But when they are not around there's now trusty smartphone app to use as a stand-in.  Voice Translate is a very impressive language learning tool for Android that not only translates your words into text but also turns into an interpreter that you can keep in your pocket.
Voice Translate allows you to not only translate your voice into text but also acts as a portable interpreter making learning a new language much simpler. You just have to talk into your phone in one language and you will hear it immediately in another language. Voice Translate features more than twenty different languages, including Mandarin, Italian, German and Spanish, with voice recognition and output| Choose a language, say something and translate it into another language using voice recognition. The used speech recognition is incredibly accurate and easily recognizes your voice. If you want to edit the text, you can click on the latest speech recognition and change it with the keyboard. Click on a translation and share it with friends or simply copy the text. You can also repeatedly play back the translation to perfect your translation...