Developer description

Why use voice?

- NO CHARGES: Voice uses your phones memory capacity to download and save audio messages and images that you send across your chats. There are no international charges either so you are free to use the app abroad as long as you have an internet connection or are connected to wifi.

- GROUP CHATS: Enjoy group chats with your friends or one to one chats. This app provides a nice and unique way to stay in touch with your friends and family.

- NO SUBSCRIPTION: All you need to do is set yourself up with some login details, that are unique to you. All that is required will be an email and a password. For even more convenience, you can login with your Facebook details and start to enjoy the app instantly.

- FLEXIBILITY: This app allows you to enjoy it's quick and easy features by sending and receiving audio and images, allowing you to send 3-10 second audio messages (for convenience) and allowing you the option to send audio only or audio with text.

- Stay logged in so you never miss out.

Last updated 18 Apr 2017

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