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Send HD voice, take and share photos, tap some text delivered directly to your peers. Fast, safe and anonymous. Without Internet - just use an iPhone app
*As seen on CNET. "So many ways this could be a godsend!"- Lily Rodseth
How VojerMessenger can help you? It will rescue you in many situations like (but not limited to):
•Travel abroad - VojerMessenger will get you connected and will save you $$$ by avoiding roaming fees. Vojer works offgrid and doesn’t use Internet provided by a mobile carrier.
•Hiking, camping in deep woods, high in mountains or places never walked by man - VojerMessenger will let your team to stay in touch. And you don’t need those separate 2-way radios. Just have Vojer on your iPhones. VojerMessenger creates an adhoc mesh network with your phones so that you can talk, chat, text and send photos.
•On a conference, trade show, music concert or in any other crowd - VojerMessenger will keep your business going. Vojer starts its own secure anonymous peer to peer (p2p) network and lets you chat with your peers, use PTT, exchange photo, voice and text messages.
•In the subway, mall, office center or on the beach - Vojer is built purposely for offline and places with weak or no Internet coverage. Vojer fires up a private local net so you can continue doing usual things like chatting, texting, photo sharing, voice messaging or PTT.
•VojerMessenger will help you out in any other places with weak, congested or without mobile network or Wi-Fi coverage. How Vojer Messenger stands out? Vojer is:
•Fast - Vojer is a peer to peer (p2p) messenger, it creates its own adhoc mesh network and transmits messages directly to other peer's phone. No intermediate servers, websites or bottlenecks en route.
•Secure - Vojer encrypts all messages sent and received. It doesn't store any of your messages on its servers.
•Reliable - Vojer confirms each message is delivered. Even if other peer went offline the message will be delivered next time they're nearby.
•Private - Vojer doesn't access your address book or request extra permissions except those required to operate - WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone (if you choose to share voice or PTT) and Photos (if you choose to share photos).
•Anonymous - Vojer is a peer to peer (p2p) messenger within adhoc network created for situational conversations. It does not require any signups, account registrations whatsoever - just choose a nickname you want others to see you with and you are ready to start. Change your nickname when you need it.
•Offgrid – Vojer doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi routers, access points or any other infrastructure or intermediaries to connect peers to each other. It creates its own mesh network and connects peers directly. That makes VojerMessenger very secure as it’s impossible for intermediate peers to intercept or log chat messages.
•Offline – Vojer doesn’t require mobile 3G/4G or any other type of Internet connection. So you can use it anywhere even where all other smartphones become useless. And you can save on data plan too, especially if you are in roaming.
•Local – Vojer lets you focus on communication tied up to a certain situation and location. It helps to manage your life on the go.
•Ad hoc – Start Vojer up when you need it and where you need it. VojerMessenger doesn’t need to be always online and always connected like conventional ones.

Last updated 29 Jan 2015

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