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Perfect yet simple collaboration for your team

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Published 28 Jan 2013

[cont'd] project “chatter” by breaking large teams into sub-groups. Collaborating on files with your team should be easy and Volerro provides a unique and very visual tool that improves the efficiency and effectiveness or your project teams while supporting the processes they already use.
It's quite obvious, even from a very early look at Volerro, that it was developed by people that are well versed in modern business techniques. It is a beautifully designed and brilliantly functional project management application built for great teamwork and collaboration. It's flexible enough to incorporate pretty much anything you throw at it yet familiar enough that team members will be more likely to incorporate it into their working lives. Let's face it, unless your team gets behind it, it ain't gonna work for you and this cloud-based app is extremely user friendly. For very small businesses the app can be free but there are many pricing plans to suit every sized business. Volerro is up there with the best.