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Check if it really is the hottest summer on record

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Now at version 2.0, 'Voodoo Skies Normal or Not?' is a free interactive live data visualisation ... More

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Published 21 Sep 2012

Every time you pick up the paper these days there is another story about the wettest summer, the coldest winter day or the hottest overnight temperature. Climate skeptics will refute it, of course, but with floods in Australia and a drought in England you've got to wonder what on earth is going on. Personally, I don't think there is the slightest doubt that the human race is accelerating climate change but that's just a judgment call, I guess. The only way it will ever be proven is when we all go up in flames or drown in a giant flood. Voodoo Skies: Normal or Not? 2.0 is a free weather app for iOS that compares current weather conditions against a vast databank of worldwide weather information from history so you can make your own decision on global warming.
You know, when I was a kid i seem to remember that it would always rain the day that the circus came to town and wouldn't let up until they'd moved on to some other unlucky destination. Your weather memories might be different. Maybe you think that it always rains on your birthday? Now you can find out. And if you feel like it's never this hot in January then it's easy to just fire up Voodoo Skies: Normal or Not and compare.  This newly updated version of Voodoo Skies may be the only weather app you need. Now at version 2...