Developer description

Vote Frenzy is the world's most powerful voting & polling app. Create polls for nearly any category - sports, news, politics, trivia, music, and more, then watch the votes come in. Or discover other user polls and cast your vote.

You can even comment and share to take things viral! Vote Frenzy polls can include text, pictures, and videos such as sports highlights or funny bloopers. Anything going on the world can be turned into a poll. Build your network of friends and followers while earning points for your activity - then level-up from Beginner status through all 20 levels. Vote Frenzy's geofencing feature let you set the location of your polls.

Target just a single zip code, city, or country - or send your poll worldwide! Vote Frenzy offers easy, anonymous voting, plus the ability to debate an issue, mix things up, or even talk a little smack. You can run trivia-style games for your audience, solicit opinions, or post predictive polls for sporting events (e.g. "Who will win the big game on Saturday?"). A choice of ticker-style news feeds on the app gives you plenty of inspiration for your next poll.

There's almost no limit to what you can do with Vote Frenzy. Jump in. Speak up. Be Heard.

Last updated 7 Sep 2017