Developer description

Want to see which presidential candidate is voteworthy for this presidential election 2016? Play this amazing political trivia game, this game has endless political trivia and in-depth quizzes to find out if US presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump, are vote worthy.

Why should you play Voteworthy?

This game helps you find, who is worthy of your vote. You can develop in-depth knowledge on what, who, how, when and where about the US politics.
Playing this political trivia game is very entertaining. You can compete with other voters. Challenge your friends and find who is smarter about the election trivia.

Playing Voteworthy is:
• Fun and interesting
• Educational with opportunity to compete worldwide with others interested in US Elections.
• A fun way to challenge your friends - to boast your knowledge on political history and elections knowledge.
• Learn amazing facts about popular candidates like, Trump, Clinton and sanders.
Don’t wait – Enhance your knowledge with Voteworthy – The amazing political trivia game. Start competing against other voters. Maximize your score and ranks and top the Voteworthy leader board.
Download from iTunes now and enjoy -

Last updated 27 Jul 2016