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Published 16 Dec 2021

As I'm sure we are all aware, our shopping habits have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. The emphasis on bricks and mortar stores has slipped away and much of our day-to-day consumerism has moved towards an online setting. Whereas before, there was a reluctance for buyers to take much notice of online advertising, nowadays it has become a part of everyday life. Consequently, to get the best out of their advertising campaigns, marketers are having to be smarter in their methodology in order to target the right people and get the most out of their digital campaigns. Rather than blindly sending out advertising material to all and sundry, the latest trend is to use data science to concentrate their attention on the most likely potential customers.

Vouchit is a new digital marketing app for business that utilizes your own customer database to make better and more effective targeting decisions to get you the best possible results from your campaigns. Rather than having to hire an expensive marketing company to do the job, this simple-to-use app uses predictive optimization to enhance digital campaigns by using proven data science to foresee where future customers are likely to come from and by making intelligent decisions based on your own available data. 

While we may have dabbled in specific marketing before, there isn't another tool on the market that's quite like this one. So, how does it work? Well, once you've got your customer data together - and that can mean everything from IPs and postal addresses to geocoordinates - Vouchit will analyze your most lucrative data points and map them as well as identifying any possible outliers. The app will automatically pinpoint where your existing client base is and lets you know the radius where future clients are most likely to emerge from. This allows you to focus future campaigns in exactly the right places to increase the chances of success and, ultimately, to improve your bottom line. 

By excluding low probability regions that haven't previously proved profitable, the app allows you to concentrate much of your attention on the geographical areas that have proven to be successful in the past. It's been shown over the years that center-of-mass geotargetting is excellent for identifying customer targets for small datasets. However, for larger groups, more efficiency can be achieved by isolating outliers and breaking the remaining locations into much smaller clusters. Vouchit takes both of these scenarios into account. 

The beauty of Vouchit is that everything is based on the behaviors of your existing clients and its aim is to put you one step ahead of your competitors. You'll find a good amount of graphs, charts and statistics at your disposal and these are ideal for improving transparency and discovering any trends that may emerge. These are also great for communicating information to stakeholders who aren't quite as familiar with the way the system works as we may be. The app supports all of the major platforms.

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