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Developer description

VOVO:WIKI is the most unusual polling website because it will not help you gather statistics on anything – or at least statistics that has something to do with the truth. Here any internet user can create a poll on any question that matters to them and support their cause by voting for it (and against the competition) as many times as they want to.
True enough, this may not sound like voting because you will never know what people actually think about the question you pose. But remember that there are enough elections in this world where people still don’t have a chance of fair calculations of their votes – and so the results of such elections don’t have anything to do with reality either.
VOVO:WIKI is intended in part as a parody of such elections – and a funny one at that. If you have something that you are really passionate about, create your own VOVO:WIKI, invite all your friends to join you and click away – watching in real time how new votes are cast. Won’t it be a funny way to see who clicks faster? So what are you waiting for – go and start a poll of your own!

Last updated 4 Apr 2011