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Published 19 Jan 2017

The way we get our news has changed radically over the last few years. It wasn't that long ago that our only way of finding out what was going on in the world was via the morning newspaper or the evening news on the tv or radio. However, there was very limited opportunity to either share news with friends or comment on it unless it was around the kitchen table. Now that we are in the age of social media everything has changed. We can share our stories with friends from all over the world on our favorite social networks with just the click of a button and voice our opinions just as easily.

Most people tend to share, react or post their opinion on stories using either Facebook or Twitter but the problem there is that there is a awful lot of clutter there. Sometimes it's hard to get a story across when you are confronted with cute kittens, birthday greetings and pictures of Donald Trump attempting to kiss babies. So there is a growing trend these days to view news using a dedicated news channel so that it is easier to see what's going on in the world or, if you have something to share, to get a news story out there.

That's where this new news app comes in very handy. Voxitt is a social news aggregation website that enables and encourages its users to share news stories from all around the world with the public at large. Users can submit news stories on pretty much any subject they wish (as long as they don't transgress public decency or the laws of the land, of course) and they can include web links, photos and text to illustrate it. Stories are curated into a variety of categories including politics, business, arts and entertainment, sports, technology and lifestyle as well as general news and opinion.

When I looked through the Voxitt newsfeed it was all Trump, Trump, Trump with many different stories from several different people. I guess it's not surprising considering the circumstances. There were no duplications of stories as far as I could see. To protect the integrity of the person who posts a story, links that are posted for the first time are deemed to be unique and can't be posted as a fresh new story within a 24-hour cycle from the time of initial posting. They can only be reposted and pushed to the top of the curated categories. This eliminates any duplication of stories and gives due credit to the user that initially posted it.

We hear more and more these days that certain news stories get totally ignored by the mainstream press. I guess the two most infamous cases of late have been the Standing Rocks protests about the Dakota pipeline and the fact that 20 million Muslims recently marched and protested against ISIS in Iraq. Voxitt is the perfect way to inform the world that these things are happening. Equally, it is great place to find out what is happening  in the real world and away from the clutches of the Murdoch press that dominates the information we receive in the media. If you want to share real news stories or or just want to keep up with the way real people are thinking, tune in and turn on to Voxitt.

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