Developer description

VoxyPAD is the interactive and collaborative communication platform. VoxyPAD offers a new generation of collaborative communications with a natural user interface: users can communicate with each other via voice or video with simultaneous handwriting capabilities. In addition, users can easily access and share all forms of information from both public and private sources. The main features of VoxyPAD include:
• Natural User Interface: This feature mimics the virtual conference room, where users can both communicate via voice/video while drawing and writing on the Notepad/whiteboard simultaneously. The clean, simple and engaging look of the application interface is designed to take advantage of the entire screen and enables users to communicate and collaborate via document-based content easily and conveniently.
• Real time collaboration via web co-browsing: VoxyPAD features a shared web browser within the Notepad for accessing and sharing information in real time with others. During a conference call, users can collaboratively browse the web and share handwritten notes on web pages.
• Cloud-based data access: Users have the ability to instantly access data from cloud-based sources such as Dropbox to share with call participants on VoxyPAD.
• Advanced messaging: VoxyPAD’s real time collaboration tools can also be used in offline mode. Users can create and send complex ideas or interesting images to other people as personal messages.
Currently, VoxyPAD supports tablets running iOS. Please visit http:// to learn more about the VoxyPAD platform, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at: or @VoxyPAD,

Last updated 6 Aug 2015