Developer description

A Discovery platform to find other people, businesses, offers and events around them. It connects you with 2 circles of users:

1> Users connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you
2> Users in a 1-mile radius around you.
People can network, catch up for common interests or help each other. The offers / events / business info is based on the Wi-Fi or location.

Real life interactions are more satisfying than online ones & a product that can make it easy to connect with people around has a lot of value.

Anytime you are alone in a public place and want to catch up with someone then VoyageUp helps you break the ice and connect.

Daily millions of “tribes” are formed by people connecting to the same Wi-Fi. The information about user’s Wi-Fi network opens up multiple opportunities from a discovery & advertising perspective.

Last updated 22 Jul 2016