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Vtalkie video walkie talkie
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Editor's review

Published 3 Aug 2013

Probably the most amazing thing about this iOS video messaging application is the fact that delivery is instant. Vtalkie uses simple 'press and talk' technology that allows you to share video or text messages immediately. So, effectively, this turns this easy to use communication app into a back-and-forth,  real-time 'walkie talkie' messaging service. The app also adds a social element allowing you to search for friends via social profiles. Like Glide, Vtalkie video walkie talkie is a free application that lets you get your message across fast. However, the former is only available for Facebook users whereas Vtalkie let's you talk with friends and family whether they are users or not.
Vtalkie gives you a chance to share important things with the dearest people using push-to-talk technology. It lets you send video or text messages that are almost instantly delivered - allowing you to keep talking without having to interrupt other activities - and combines this with a simple, usable interface. It also features a highly convenient search for nearby friends via social profiles as well as a look around function and gives you the opportunity to send e-mails or sms invitations directly to the contacts from your address book. Theres also plenty of cool stickers, smiles and emoticons to make any chat more playful and fun. Your conversations can be saved in history meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing any or your precious memorabilia. Vtalkie can also make your everyday communication easier giving you feedback faster whether by video and text. You get to choose which you need, depending on the situation.
We all know how many messenger apps there are available in the app store and many include some very similar features.  Vtalkie differs than most with its slick interface and real-time video or text messaging technology that delivers messages almost instantaneously. This means that you can have a 'walkie-talkie' style video conversation using short video clips that go backwards and forwards. The app is surprisingly easy to use, utilizing a simple press to play recording capability and is a fast way of getting a conversation going...wherever you are in the world.  Vtalkie video walkie talkie is a free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch messaging app that lets you chat non stop.

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