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Published 28 Sep 2011

The theory isn’t rocket science, if you buy something at well below its real value then you not only have a bargain but the potential to make a hefty profit when the rest of the world catches up. The theory may well not be rocket science but the number crunching required to analyze the treasure locked away in a business’s financial statements could be viewed by some as such.

That’s where Vuru comes in. Value stocks are the site’s bag and unravelling complex data so you don’t have to is their game. With a full box of tricks this site is a must visit for anyone already in or looking to invest at this end of the stock market.

For starters you can up upload your existing portfolio details and take advantage of Vuru’s portfolio valuation function to track, value and compare performance against the big boys like S&P500 and Dow Jones. Color coded tables will give you all the measurements and ratios you need keep up to date and know just when to sell.

With comprehensive analysis of over 5,500 stocks Vuru can provide all the help you need when considering a particular investment idea. Stock reports are comprehensive and include up to date analysis and clear and comprehensible explanations of complex financial data based on 10 years of financial statements.

With so much information available it is inevitable that the site can also help you find the right undervalued stocks for your particular investment strategy. By the use of sliders you can make searches based on qualities as well as actual numbers and pull together a group of stocks in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

Toys for the big boys. This site looks like a pretty sophisticated platform for some serious investment hunters. So if you’re struggling to nail the P/E ratio or the cash ROIC of a company let Vuru do it for you

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