Developer description

Vyoopoint is the Simplest and Fastest way to present visual designs and ideas to your clients, colleagues, friends… anyone!
Vyoopoint was designed from real world experience so that uploading, presenting and tracking comments on a 25 frame storyboard, or a 12 screen website design sequence would be a joy for both the creator and client.

Easy upload. Select multiple files and approve the list before uploading.
Show off your work, not your tools. Clean and minimal user interface doesn’t clutter your designs or images with ugly control panels and file lists.
See the big picture. Project dashboard gives an overview of all the current activity.
Voice your opinion. Add visual markups and comments on gallery images and Flash files.
Painless version control. Automatic date related version control.
Make it look ‘real’. Define presentation settings and make your website designs appear in a browser with custom backgrounds, colors, and image alignment.
Be very secretive or show-off to the world. Create public or private galleries within projects.
One-click notification. Automatically notify your clients and co-workers once a gallery is published.
Add some personality. Fully customize the header and color scheme of your Vyoopoint account.
Plays nice with Basecamp. Import projects and contacts from your Basecamp account.
Send some love to Basecamp. Publish gallery postings to your Basecamp account.
Flexible. Drag and drop gallery re-ordering and editing.
What’s your type? Upload Jpeg, gif, png, mov, avi, pdf or swf.
Why not? Try it free for an unlimited period with the ‘Free’ account.
No long-term contracts. Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Last updated 6 Sep 2011

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