Developer description

vZar gives users a full screen video buying and selling experience. Just snap a quick video and sell it. No pictures, no lengthy descriptions. Listing an item on vZar is as easy as taking a snap. Browsing for items near you with full screen videos is an even more unique and exciting experience.

Previously, it was impractical for businesses to sell their products and services through videos because video files are large and time consuming to transfer and manage. Seeing how popular Snapchat and other social media platforms with videos had become, we saw potential in creating a new type of platform to sell products and services that incorporated this craze for videos. Not only is it something that people are using, it just makes sense. With pictures and summaries, buyers are not able to get the full experience of purchasing the way they would if they were present, which is why videos bring them a step closer to that experience.

- vZar is free and does not have any fees
- Simplify selling by taking a video recording instead of old fashion pictures
- vZar automatically figures out your location and finds relative results
- Communicate with ease with our built it in user friendly chat
- vZar uses the latest encryption technologies to protect our users
- With our massive video database video recording and browsing has never been more fun

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

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