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The only business management app with CRM, Project Management and Invoicing

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W3B is the only business management software that features a CRM, a Project Management module ... More

Editor's review

Published 11 Apr 2016

We here at the FeedMyApp offices have reviewed plenty of business management apps over the years. There have been some great ones that can pretty much manage and control your whole business from beginning to end. It's rare, however, to find one that features a solid CRM and a project management module as well as invoicing automation. The Web3Box (W3B) is the only set of business management tools on the app market that features all these and more. It is, without doubt, one of the most all-encompassing business apps that we've come across so far. W3B is an ultra fast, secure and powerful business app for both iOS and Android that aims to simplify and better organize the running of your entire company.

The CRM on its own includes useful features like territory management, customer and contact information, potential leads, new opportunities, estimates and ideas for campaigns.  When up and running and linked to your customer files it has the ability to define, manage and track projects from the one easy-to-use interface. The Project Management side of the app allows you to split projects by tasks and milestones, communicate with your teams, document, record and share information, collect work and hours, pay your teams and even invoice your clients.

It also helps you track schedules, budgets and project expenses, productivity, profitability and other key data through custom reports and then delivers the perfect overview of all company activities using Gantt charts. The online invoicing part of proceedings rounds things off nicely by offering a simple yet highly functional way of finalizing an individual project - being linked to both the CRM sales module and the project management system.

W3B is a complete business solution for projects, tasks, reporting time, task estimates (hours or flat), billing and invoicing, client management, time and expense tracking right through to online payment - all from the one platform. To make your life easier, the app is pre-filled with default data - making it far easier to come to grips with how the system actually works and what it can do for your business. It delivers a smooth and efficient workflow and lets your team concentrate on the things it does best  - dealing directly with clients and generating profit for the company. Your sales force will benefit from increased customer contact time while managers will get easy access to real-time centralized reports so they know how everything is going.

Small business is often reluctant to take on an app as complete as this. They tend to use a number of different smaller apps that control specific parts of the process because it seems too complicated. Unfortunately, this doesn't help them when they are in competition with the big boys. W3B gives them a chance to level the playing field by providing a flexible and affordable project management app combined with a powerful CRM and an invoicing module - all in one place and all working together. Your team will be able to spend their time by creating business rather than trying to work out how to run it. Amazingly enough, if you are a small business with only one active user, the app is completely free. After that it works out to US$10 per user per month. W3B is hosted on the fastest and most secure cloud platform that’s available and works on all devices.

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