Developer description

What does the app do?
- It counts your steps when you Walk, Jog or Run
- It provides variety of analysis personalised to the user
- It motivates users to walk more by setting 30 days challenges

Whats special about the App?
- Does not count your steps when you shake your phone or when you drive
- Tracks completely in background without draining much of battery
- Minute to minute updated graphical chart to motivate and entertain the user when walking
- Provide gifts when the Goal is reached for the given day
- Calibration of steps accuracy over a period of time
- A new thought for the day message every day at 6am to make the user come out of his laziness
- Shows the steps counter in Notification tray
- Distinguishes when you walk, jog, run or drive
- Completely free

Last updated 8 Jan 2018