Developer description

Wabiness enables you to have business come to you. It is a professional business platform matching together individuals' skills and contacts with companies who are looking for new business development opportunities, distributors and suppliers, sales force - locally or internationally. Millions of companies are looking for ways to grow their business while minimizing the financial impact involved and millions of people are seeking to improve their income.
Wabiness offers these companies and intermediaries (students, retirees, employees, sales representatives, seniors) to meet towards a common goal. Companies subscribe to the network for a fixed period of time and with unlimited access to listings and the database of intermediaries. They can showcase their work, their products, services and their means of production. They indicate the type of commission they're willing to offer to intermediaries bringing them business. Intermediaries register for free and can showcase their network, skills, and know-how and get in touch with companies to provide them with ideas, contacts and new market opportunities.
Wabiness receives no commission on transactions between members and allows them complete freedom to communicate with each other via the internal messaging system or other means available to them. In all cases, members are free to accept/refuse introductions. Profiles, products, services, catalogs are visible on all search engines to optimize referrals and business development.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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