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Published 21 Dec 2018

If you check the unemployment figures around the world you might be forgiven for thinking that the job market hasn't been as healthy as it is now for many years. The US is sitting on 3.7% right now and the UK at 4.1%. The bad news though is that close to one third of unemployed people are under 25 and that figure is even higher if you are over 55. The younger ones are able bodied and ready to work and the older ones have all the skills you'd ever need but employers would rather choose someone younger. Add these to the number of underemployed - people who aren't getting as many hours as they need - and you have a huge potential workforce out there who are ready and willing to work. 

As a consequence, there are a number of alternative employment avenues opening up that take advantage of a workforce that doesn't quite fit into normal working demographics. Wage is a new app for iOS and Android that aims to be one of the contenders to fill that gap. The aim is to connect people in your local area who have tasks that need to be done with able bodied or skilled people who can complete the job for them. Just take a photo or a video of the job that needs doing (and a brief description, if you like) and post it in Wage app and willing workers can 'bid' on the...